Monday, December 19, 2011

Selected Public Health Headlines

-A new method of sterilizing hospital rooms using pulses of UV light was recently studied at a MA hospital and showed promising results :

- An article in the NY Times reported obesity rates on city schoolchildren are down 5.5% over 5 years.

- The CDC recently issued a report on sexual violence in US bsed on a survey of over 16000 adults.  1/4 American women report a violent attack by a husband or boyfriend.  1/5 have been sexually assaulted (rape, attempted rape). 1/6 have been stalked.  Compare this to 1/71 males reporting being raped.  For women, 30% of those raped experience their first trauma berween 11 and 17 years of age; 12 % before 10 years of age.  The full report can be found here: ( the report is exhaustive; the executive summary is brief)

- Adolescents are using more marijuana and less alcohol and cigarettes.  A government report claims 1/15 high-schoolers use marijuana on a daily basis.

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