Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's pay more attention...

Once again, saw an interesting public health headline in the AMA Morning Rounds email this morning.

"Report notes increase in accidents of people wearing headphones while walking"

A slightly closer read sheds a little more light on what they're looking at.  This was a retrospective study of accidents over a 7 year period.  The accidents mentioned weren't simply stepping wrong off a side-walk or walking into a light-post.... we're dealing with people getting hit and killed by trains and the like!

In something along the lines of 30% of the cases, a warning sound was present before the victim was hit, but they did not respond (presumably because the music / sound from the headphones drowned out the warning sound).

This sure says a lot for a simpler and more attentive approach to life -- perhaps we don't always need to be plugged into our electronics (especially when around trains and fast moving cars).

For more info:  The ABC World News spot (16:42 into full broadcast from 1/16), an article in HealthDay , the study itself, and another article in MedPage Today.

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