Monday, April 30, 2012

Public Health Education Resource

If you've been looking for a public health education resource the information below is a great place to start. Should you have any questions we'd happily put you in contact with the creators. Feel free to e-mail me at should you wish to speak with them.

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AMA Committee on Global and Public Health 

In response to an informal needs assessment administered by the Regional Medicine-Public Health Education Centers Initiative (an effort to better integrate public health content and skills into medical education supported by AAMC’s cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and the AAMC’s Organization of Student Representatives (OSR), we have developed a modular power point presentation that we hope will be a helpful resource for students and faculty at your institution.

These slides were developed for medical students and faculty. They provide an overview of the relationship between medicine and public health, review why public health is relevant to medical education and careers, and include recommendations and resources to improve public health content in medical education.

Users may select slides and incorporate them into their curricula, presentations, and other efforts to advocate for improving public health perspectives at their institutions.

The slides are divided into seven sections to facilitate their use:

•What is public health? What is the relationship between medicine and public health?
•What determines health?
•How is public health important to your training and careers?
•What do we know about student perspectives on public health in medical education?
•Enhancing public health in your curriculum and training
•Specializing in Public Health and Preventive Medicine
•CDC Professional Student Programs and the Epidemic Intelligence Service

The slide-set can be accessed online at at the bottom of the right-hand column under Student Resources.

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